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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:

  • If any of the pages require special instructions, the client before the start of the project must provide the details, preferably in Microsoft Word file format.
  • Installation done by company’s authorized developer.
  • We are in no way responsible for any error done by yourself throw CPanel or Domain and etc.
  • The Applications full control will not be submitted to the clients.
  • Before starting the project the half of the amount should be paid to QRI Tech Park (Not refundable).
  • Charges for applicable for additional updates after the project submission.
  • The product should not be updated or modify by yourself. The only rights reserved by QRI Tech Park.
  • When accurate color reproduction is critical in the project, the client must supply the colors in RGB values.
  • Feedback: This is at most important phase; helps to avoid re-work on them.
  • All the requirements will be developed on the basis of this document only. The elements have to be verified and certified by the client.
  • Email address to which the form content is to be mailed.
  • The yearly maintenance amount will be deferred by client’s requirements.
  • The image upload for dynamic website will decrease your site loading speed